About Kayti - Creator of Animantras

Hi! I’m Kayti and I am the creator of Animantras. My professional background is in card design and graphic design, and I run a project called 78 Tarot that produces yearly themed collaborative Tarot decks with 78 other artists. My spiritual background is that I am very interested and passionate about the higher self and learning to connect to it. The part of you that is aware. I produce tools designed for children and adults alike to assist them in learning and growing their self-awareness. Specifically targeted for children, so the path to understanding self awareness can begin at a young age. This will help them to understand their emotions better, and when you are able to understand something you are better able to better process it.

I live in the gorgeous state of Virginia with my fabulous and supportive husband and our adorable furbaby kitty Cypress. When I was writing this book I decided to really dedicate myself to the animals as a way to thank them for all that they teach us. I went vegan, and I will be donating 10% of monthly sales of the deck to different animal rescue each month! The animals give us so much, and they deserve our love. I hope you come away loving animals, as well as yourself, a little bit more after using this deck. 


Love & Light, Kayti

About the Deck

Chakras are the invisible rainbow world that surround us all. They are our connection to ourselves our emotions, our thoughts or desires, and our spirituality. This deck is dedicated to the energy of the universe and all creatures of the Earth.  I wanted to create a deck that connected the energy and behaviors of animals to each of the 7 chakras. Creatures on this planet are something that we can all relate to. The word Animantras comes from animals and mantras. Each card has a mantra designed to invoke the energy of each animal to assist us in aligning our energies.

Align your chakras on the go with these adorable mini rainbow critters. Smaller than a business card, this mini deck was designed to be able to be fit right into your purse or pocket!  You can either use these along with other readings as an extra message, or they can be used alone. In this booklet you will find a few spreads that I have written to use with this deck, but feel free to explore and experiment to see what works for yourself. Or simply draw the card that you feel is most connected to the chakra you need to work on and use it as a meditation tool.  Any way you connect with it is how use it. Theres no wrong way.